Do you ever lie to your doctor or when you are filling out health care forms?

How often do drink alcohol? 1x/month. Have you ever used marijuana? Never! How often do you exercise? Every day! Vegetables? A million servings a day!

I woke up thinking about how grateful I am to be in Natalie Gentry's care! It seems to me that in filling out her forms for body-mind-spirit work, this is the first time I have fully disclosed my lifestyle habits!

Natalie has a way of holding me in such gentle grace and kindness while helping me to release thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors that aren't serving me and that are creating tension.

I am so grateful to have connected with this amazing light worker! If you need support, I highly recommend looking into Natalie's services:https://www.nataliegentry.com ❤️



Natalie Gentry