Allow me to guide you to health

Your belly and back are talking to you and giving you important information about your physical and emotional health. However, it's likely that you don't speak that language ... yet.

My passion is to teach you how to understand the language of your belly. Is your issue a physical issue? Is there an emotional component connected to it? If so, I can help you to understand how to connect with the emotions that are tangled up in the physical experiences you're having, and ultimately, to let go of any shame, anger, distrust, or embarrassment you may hold regarding how your body is currently functioning.

My philosophy in working with you: I create a space where you can explore how your body is changing and how those changes can be understood, accepted, loved, and celebrated.

I am your guide. I care about you deeply, and from that perspective I will educate you and empower you to care for yourself in ways that feel comfortable and doable for you. 

Believe me--I don't just "rub" on people through my Maya Abdominal Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. I listen to what you've told me about what's going on with your period, your reproductive health, your digestion, your back, or throughout your body. And then I adapt my treatment to give you exactly what your body (and your emotional heart) needs in that moment. My goal is not just to bring you relief, but to bring you wholesale healing.

What women are taught about their reproductive health is not enough

When I got my period for the first time I was handed a book about "the birds and bees" and a box of maxi pads. That was it. I was also invited to ask questions but I didn't know what questions to ask. Awkward.

If you attended sex-ed in school, you were taught about how the "plumbing" works, the mechanics of sex, conception and birth ... and that it's normal for your period to be just awful. You may have also been taught that periods were burdensome, something to be ashamed of, and that most things related to a woman's cycle were to be ridiculed.

  • We're taught to distrust and to be afraid of our periods, of perimenopause, and of menopause.
  • We're given little information on how to treat conditions related to our cycles like irregular or scanty periods, ovarian cysts, polyps, PCOS, endometriosis, or fibroids.
  • Many women in their mid-to-late 30s also buy into the "belief" that pregnancy will be difficult (or impossible) to achieve because that's what we're told.
  • Some women over 40 also feel stripped of their sexuality even though they personally feel like they've still "got it goin' on" (since "it" never left). Still others may feel labeled as "old maids" if they aren't married.
  • Women who hit menopause may also experience a deep sense of loss of their womanhood and desirability; issues that that no one talks about out in polite society. 
  • And women who have been abused or sexually violated (as I was, and as nearly 1 in 3 women will be in their lifetimes)...well, we may bear the most unconscious or subconscious shame of all about being in our own bodies for myriad reasons.

Guess how this conditioning and these beliefs--this B.S.--manifests in the body? As dysfunction. Painful, heavy, irregular periods. Cysts and fibroids. Difficulty getting pregnant. Sexual issues. Night sweats and PMS and migraines.

In the face of our culture telling us that all the natural things women's bodies do are medical conditions to be minimized, tolerated, or conquered, I'm taking a stand and saying, "Enough!"

Let's learn about how your body is supposed to work and then return it to that normal state of being; a state where your reproductive functions are a celebration, not something to be feared or feel ashamed of. Where you can love your "girl" because she is truly supporting you in all aspects of your life.