My goal is to help you feel more alive, invigorated, and connected in your own body so that you have the bandwidth to live a life full of joy. 

I didn't choose to be a massage therapist--this career chose me. Back in 1994, I got my first massage to help me relax from stressful work with "at-risk" kids. Soon, I found I was in love with receiving massage and that it was becoming a permanent line item in my budget.

I felt better physically and, moreover, I felt my mood shifting with bodywork. I was kinder to others and gentler with myself. I felt so grounded, settled and at peace after a massage. I eventually connected with the idea that massage could be something great to offer parents to support them in being kinder to their kids. 

Upon graduation from massage school, I knew that I wanted to do more than simply rub people. I wanted for my work to be more substantial. I wanted to help to facilitate healing and I wanted to teach clients how to heal themselves. That's why I offer what I do.

Our bodies share infinite wisdom, if we listen carefully.

I think that the body is freaking fascinating! Additionally, I'm interested in supporting my clients in finding who they are at their most essential. When I completed massage school, I felt soooo alive, so much self-acceptance of the good, bad, ugly, and yet-to-be-defined parts of myself.

Additionally, by diving into breath work and movement, the expression of who I am has become so much easier and so much more nuanced! That wonderful, joy-filled part of us is there inside of us. It may just be buried under a lot of the "stuff" of life that we experience in the moment. I believe that massage (particularly Maya Abdominal Massage), breath work, and movement are tools that can uncover what our bodies are trying to tell us.

What I Know for Sure

  • To have a balanced life, you have to be balanced from within. That's where the true healing begins.

  • We are meant to live from the inside, out.

  • How you are moving and feeling in your body is indicative of how your are moving and feeling in life.

  • Change, growth and transformation only happens when you're all in. So dive in!

Certifications & Licenses

Licensed Massage Therapist, State of Colorado, #MT.0017211

Graduate, Boulder College of Massage Therapy, 1998

Member, American Massage Association and Maya Abdominal Massage Association

Certification in Maya Abdominal Massage (studied with Rosita Arvigo, founder of The Arvigo Techniques, and other indigenous healers from Belize), 2005

Certification, The Transformational Breath Foundation, 2010

Certification, Level 1 Spiritual Plant Healing, 2006

Certification, Nia White Belt, 2008

Certification, Soul Motion Leadership Program, 2018

Extensive coursework in herbal medicine, aromatherapy, medical intuition

Life is juicy and amazing and mysterious! I want to experience it all and I want to help others to experience it too, as it shows up for them.
— says, yours truly!