Yesterday I had a massage appointment with Natalie Gentry, I went in thinking it would be like any other massage I've had. It was beyond my expectations. As most of you know, I've been going through a lot. By the end of the massage the flood gates opened, I have no clue where it all came from but it was needed. I have been holding onto so much (so many emotions and thoughts and pain), and last night was able to release some of it. Thank you Natalie for allowing me to feel safe, to feel comfortable enough to release that. It was sooooo powerful!

That being said, if anyone is looking for an excellent massage therapist in the Denver area, please reach out to Natalie.

Stephanie, Client since 2016

Natalie Gentry

(For Conscious Dance)

"Wow, Natalie--It was so amazing and powerful to be a part of your class earlier tonight! I feel like I saw you in your true form, and it's absolutely beautiful. Thank you for facilitating such an amazing experience! I'll be back :-) I left wondering if you could or would share your playlist. I'd love to have some of those songs in my personal collection. What a beautiful evening. I left feeling high on myself and the connections with everyone there-such beautiful work. KEEP IT UP".

Erika, new dancer

Natalie Gentry

Thank You, Natalie Gentry, for the most amazing session with you ... massage - YES! Ah, but so much more - your intuitive nature and safe space setting, to name just a couple! You are gifted at what you do, and a gift to all your clients!

Julie, Client since 2016

Natalie Gentry

My massage was fabulous in terms of the massages as well as the "therapy" session. I literally had a break through for which I was very overdue and felt very relieved afterwards!! So thank you so very much!!

Jennifer, New Client

Natalie Gentry
Jodi W.

Hey lady! I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I feel so much better, it's hard to put in words. I feel like a huge cloud is lifted and my mojo is coming back. Thank you so very much!

Jodi W. Client since 2016

Natalie Gentry
Laura B.

I received a Transformational Breathing session and a Mayan massage today and it was beyond wonderful. Natalie was comfortable, knowledgeable and completely therapeutic in both her words and technique. Cannot recommend her enough!

Laura B.  New client 2016

Natalie Gentry
Lauren S.

I cannot describe how fantastic Natalie is in a short review but I will try. I've had health issues for over two years that left numerous doctors stumped. A month under Natalie's care and I am a whole new person and I feel healthy again finally!! She has an amazing follow up too and checks in and truly cares. She gives you a path to healing and health and people should realize you have to do your part too, but if you do the rewards will be amazing. I am blessed to have found her. She is a gifted woman whom I am very grateful to have in my life and as a part of my healing.

Lauren S.  Client since February, 2017

Natalie Gentry

Thank you so much for all the care and taking out time to see me. You can’t imagine how much hope you’ve given me. In fact, today has been amazing. I started my period yesterday and for the 1st time in over 12 years I didn’t have to take any pain meds. period has been almost pain free so far...I didn’t want to mention it yesterday because I didn’t want to jinx it but oh my! I have just little cramps here and there but not enough to take pain meds. I wasn’t expecting to see results so quickly but I am glad I did. This has made my flight back to (my home) much better because I was dreading it. Still in transit but I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you so much and I’m really grateful. 


“Faith”, New Client

Natalie Gentry

Do you ever lie to your doctor or when you are filling out health care forms?

How often do drink alcohol? 1x/month. Have you ever used marijuana? Never! How often do you exercise? Every day! Vegetables? A million servings a day!

I woke up thinking about how grateful I am to be in Natalie Gentry's care! It seems to me that in filling out her forms for body-mind-spirit work, this is the first time I have fully disclosed my lifestyle habits!

Natalie has a way of holding me in such gentle grace and kindness while helping me to release thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors that aren't serving me and that are creating tension.

I am so grateful to have connected with this amazing light worker! If you need support, I highly recommend looking into Natalie's services: ❤️



Natalie Gentry

Natalie Gentry’s skill and expertise in the area of Maya Abdominal Massage and Women’s Health is outstanding, and has helped me make amazing progress with my abdominal post-op recovery. I am so glad I was referred to her and would highly recommend to her.

Rebecca, client since 2018

Natalie Gentry

Natalie’s work with Maya massage has been life changing for me. I have suffered with excessively painful periods throughout my entire adult life, a symptom of a tipped uterus that has been with me for years. In one session, we moved the uterus and utterly changed my entire relationship with my body. With that one session, my posture changed, my body moved differently, and I have begun to feel so much more at home in my body. My hormones have settled down and I feel much better overall. Natalie is very professional, talented, and very knowledgable about women’s issues. So wheter you are trying to increase your fertility, or restore a sense of balance and health to your body, I would definitely recommend sessions with her!

Sara, Client since 2017.

Natalie Gentry

Doing breath work with Natalie Gentry several weeks ago while my grandmother was on hospice, a complex web of feelings came up. I was surprised by the level of grief I was experiencing while feeling guilty about the negative emotions.

As she guided me through this, Natalie asked if I could just let myself feel what I was feeling without judgement. What grace! (Thank you. 🙏)


Lea, client since 2017

Natalie Gentry